Yesterday we spent the day at the ranch of friends. Our sons have been friends with the Campbell boys since they were little kids and the Campbell family recently bought a ranch in what is just about the most pristine part of Texas Hill Country. It's a very beautiful spot, and their property is absolutely magical. Dave caught a black-headed snake under a rock, and catching any snake at all just makes the day for him.

            Chris set up the VPI table at the Austin herp show. Chris Wofford works here with us and after two months or so, we have come to rely on him for many things. Chris is originally from Austin, so he spent the day at the show and stayed with his folks last night.

            Today I worked in the snake house for about four hours. Then I had to make it back up to the house VPI SnowVPI Snowto watch the Spurs beat the Jazz (go Spurs! ! ! ) I found that the little snow ball left her egg. She's a female, and while I wish she was a male, I'm not griping. She's beautiful, just beautiful, and I've been waiting a long time to hatch my own VPI snow. She is posed with an axanthic sibling, and a very pretty axanthic, at that! I'm pretty positive that this axanthic is also het for albino. You can see how the axanthic trait takes out the yellow, and leaves what is essentially a black-and-white snake, and then the albino trait takes out the black and leaves a white snake.

Axanthic / Woma-morph and Woma-morphAxanthic / Woma-morph and Woma-morphI'm attaching a couple of pictures of one of the axanthic / woma ball pythons. One is a comparison picture and he's posed with a "normal" woma sibling. You can see he's a very beautiful snake, and an excellent example of the axanthic appearance. The other picture of him, with a coil of the woma in the background, shows how white are is lower sides and stomach. He's also an excellent example of the woma appearance.

Well, more later...

-Tracy-Axanthic / Woma-morphAxanthic / Woma-morph