You know, just a soon as I said that nothing astounding happens in the herp business, something pretty astounding did happen. Actually, a couple of things happened.

            The first was that we are hatching a VPI snow ball python. Tracy had a clutch of five eggs and there VPI SnowVPI Snoware two normals, two axanthics (really pretty axanthics) and a snow. Looking in the egg, it looks like the snow is a very pure white baby. We can't wait to see it come out. They are called "VPI snows" because this designer-morph is the combination of the albino morph with the VPI axanthic. This is the first VPI snow we have ever hatched.

            The second thing was that we were notified that our book, Pythons of the World, Vol II: BALL PYTHONS: The History, Natural History, Care, and Breeding, was awarded the Gold First Prize as the Best Animal Book of 2006 by the Independent Publishers Annual Book Awards. This is an international annual competition. This year there were 3,500 entries in 65 categories.

            So this was a good day with exciting things happening. To top it off, at midnight we got an email notifying us that the proposed state law that was going to make permits required for certain snakes (non-native venomous snakes and the five giant constrictors) did not make it out of the Senate committee with a unanimous vote. We're not sure if it is dead or not, but this was good news. If it had passed the Senate committee with a unanimous vote, it would have gone to the governor for signing and become law. We'll have to wait to see what is going to happen with this proposed law.