After weeks of pacing and days of worry, this past month has been the countdown to the projected delivery date of my female jungle boa. This big girl is bred to my ghost boa male. I was pacing because this is an important clutch. I've invested five years of effort to see this clutch born. But I've been pacing because my female had seemingly gotten too big and sometimes boas in this condition deliver dead babies or, worse, they die before delivery.

Today is the 128th day since I saw her ovulate, and this is well in the window for the babies to be born. Last night she was restless, and I felt then that something was about to happen.

Jungle/Ghost Boa NeonatesJungle/Ghost Boa NeonatesI crept into the room this morning and cracked open her cage and this is what I found. Mom is just fine and she has 27 new roommates.

These are some especially fine little boas and I promise that I'll be showing some more pictures just as soon as they shed. There are some very extreme looking jungle patterns, and also some pretty spectacular hypos in there, too.