Last night the Spurs won to go ahead 3-0 in the NBA finals!  After the game I decided to go down and check our female pastel-dream / het-Sharp-albino boa, since she was roaming around all day, and according to my calculations her due date was somewhere in the next 24 hours (ok, it is a guess, but I'm getting better at it!). Talk about sensory overload--a Spurs win and then I found out that while I was watching the game my boa was having her babies!

Pastel-Dream / Sharp-Albino litterPastel-Dream / Sharp-Albino litterThe mother is an awesome pastel-dream 100% het Sharp albino that was got as a baby in 2002 from Doug Matusak. Somehow Doug convinced me I should get into the Sharp strain of boas, because he wanted some animals we had, and that was his best trade material! He finally convinced me, and before I knew it I was raising all of these little boas and starting a whole new project. At the point I started on this Sharp adventure my experience breeding boas was limited, but he just hammered away that these snakes really were awesome and I "needed" to get them! I remember saying to myself, this is nuts starting some whole new project, but I went for it hook, line, and sinker, and I want to say right now "thank you Doug!"

Pastel-Dream / Sharp-Albino babiesPastel-Dream / Sharp-Albino babiesAs it turns out, thanks to Doug's sales pitch and five years of raising these babies, we have some awesome animals that are starting to produce. Last year we got our first litter of albino to het, and my holdbacks are awesome-see I don't even need Doug any more to sell me, now I'm selling myself, by keeping my own babies!

This litter last night was particularly exciting because it contains some of the first pastel-dream / Sharp-albinos. Only Doug has produced these, and they are gorgeous! Of course I had to call Doug and tell him the good news and now seeing as I have more pastel-dream / albinos than he has...he is thinking maybe he shouldn't have been such a great salesman!

Her mate was a male Sharp-albino I got as a baby in 2003 from Nick I. Thanks Nick, this guy has been amazing, producing two perfect litters for me, he is just gorgeous!