Well, time flies by, and this year has been a blur! So much has happened and we are already onto breeding season 2008! My resolution is to keep this updated as much as possible and talk about all of the cool things we have going on at VPI- I think it will be easier to highlight by species...we are working with Ball pythons, Blood pythons, and Boas. Today I'm just on the boa track and want to set the stage for future blog entries.

Even though it is hard for me to pin down projects because I love everything, I've finally decided that my focus will be on the Colombian boas. I just love these snakes, and the fact is this is the cornerstone snake for the hobby-in the history of herpetoculture. I realize that a new wave is the smaller Central American snake, but I want to do "the old days" thing and that is the Boa constrictor imperator  from Colombia.

Even though we are known for our work on pythons, I actually ventured into the world of boas with a more serious bent starting with our first official project (Kahl strain albino boas) by purchasing 2.2 babies in 1994. Hard to believe that was 13 years ago! So, what have I been doing all this time???!!! You are about to see over the coming months what has been develping in the boa section of VPI. We have some awesome animals, all of which we raised from babies and are the cornerstone of the main projects I'm focusing on now and getting more excited about every day:

1) VPI caramel albino boas

2) Motley boas

3) Sharp albino boas

4) ....... well I'll leave this one for later!