Well, I just wrote an entire entry and erased it by accident, so I'm making this to the point! I'm already in the midst of breeding the boas, but the fact is we get boa babies born year round! Whereas before we had a set breeding schedule for the snakes, now I've thrown that all out the window. The funny thing is that I have had the same female boa have babies in May one year, and then the next litter she has in born in November! No more of the traditional, start the temperature and light adjustments in October plan, stop feeding in November, and introduce pairs December through February for breeding schedule. How did this come about? I'll tell you tomorrow, but in the mean time check out these baby caramel albino boas from this year-a sight I'm hoping to see more of in 2008!VPI Caramel-Albino NeonatesVPI Caramel-Albino Neonates  Tracy