It takes quite a bit of discipline, to be a long term player. We spent a LOT of money on a subadult male motley boa (remember this was in 2004, the first few years of this project!). Year one went by, and I returned the male to his home cage after his introduction to a female yielded not the least interest. I was convinced that though this male was in excess of 5 ft. and more than twice the size of males I have used successfully for breeding, his growth was there, but his maturity was not. I really don't think that the "male" part of him was an issue, he was just a boa that was on the growth track.

As the next breeding season approached I decided to 1) commit him to a single female 2) use a female motley that I had purchased in 2002 (again for a considerable amount of money!). She would be 3 1/2 years old (that is my target age for breeding females for the first time) and she was just a perfect size for her first breeding.

I intoduced the male and over a period of several months saw them copulate a grand total of 3 times!

The female actually started to grow follicles and as I tracked her through ultrasound, they got huge, into the 30mm plus range, which is very close to the size that females ovulate. I was so excited I couldn't stand it-this close to not only motleys on my first real try, but maybe even super motleys!!

Weeks went by and as I ultrasounded the female it appeared that her follicles were at a standstill. I just thought, that x amount of time would go by, and then one day I would come in and she would be ovulating. Every day I would go in and carefully lift the paper she was hiding under and there she was nice and plump, not eating, and still looking the same.  Tracy