The thing I love about this hobby is that I love trying to figure things out, and I guess there is a certain thing added when time is of the essence. I like the pressure, and that "one shot deal" thing, though nerve wracking, hopefully makes for a quick study. The thing about the boas is that when it doesn't work it crushes you, but when it does all is erased. What did I learn about the second year of attempting to breed the motley male and the 3 1/2 year old motley female? My first conclusion was that the female just wasn't ready. She started growing follicles that grew at a steady pace until they reached the 30 mm range. They hung there for a month or more, then slowly regressed to nothing. At the time (2006), "she just wasn't ready" was the best explanation I could come up with. The next year's attempt (2007) would yield some additional insight, which, now makes me think a completely different  reason was behind that abrupt halt in follicle growth and her not ovulating.  I'll discuss that new theory tomorrow. So, no motleys or super motleys in 2006, though I did get a killer litter with my first albino Sharps! Tracy

100% het sharp female100% het sharp female