Three times is the charm, and finally this year my third attempt to produce motleys worked! In round 3 my plan was simple. Put the pair of motleys together, leave them together, and either hit on it or not. I will say that that approach is one I use a lot, and I think it goes under "no guts, no glory." What this means is I go for what I want and there is no turning back. That means that during the breeding season I don't panic and say, "this isn't working, I better throw the male in with another female, or I think I better put another male in the cage. " It means that pair is the pair and no veering from the plan. Some times "something" is not better than nothing. I know it is difficult to think that if you redirected you might get something, but I don't want something, I want motleys and super motleys from this pair of snakes.

The male motley really came into his own year three, and I saw him breeding the female many times. She responded perfectly and started growing follicles and when she had her post ovulation shed I was thrilled. At least something was coming out-good or bad there was nothing more to do!

Our set-up is stable enough that once I see ovulation, I can predict fairly well what the next chain of events will be (though of course there are exceptions).