Congratulations! That is what I say to the ball python breeders of the world! Do we need any adult imported animals (unless it is some new morph) to continue the building of our captive, self sustaining population of this species? I believe the production of captive ball pythons in combination with a yearly influx of an as of yet unknown number of captive hatched African babies, will continue to support the captive population and aid in exposing more people to this wonderful hobby via the pet trade. As a future goal we should look toward the numbers of baby imports to hopefully dwindle yearly, until none are needed. Now that is cool!! We have now created a captive population that all but eliminates the need to recruit animals from the wild. We officially join the ranks of the cornsnake breeders and Mexican kingsnake breeders; we have created a viable self-sustaining captive population of ball pythons and the time has come to restrict the importation of adult wild animals.

Burgundy-albino ball pythonBurgundy-albino ball python