Welcome to 2008! Wow I am super excited about this year! We already have some great things going and first babies are just around the corner!  The first thing I need to do is find some aspen bedding to put in with the gravid boas. For some reason it is getting hard to find around here. I like my females to have that at least one month prior to giving birth. I think it makes them feel a bit more secure and it is nice having something to burrow around in. I only use it at this time, as soon as the babies are born, I clean it all out and put the girls back on paper again.

2007 babies are looking awesome and I'm going to take some updated photos so you can see what they look like. It is a toss up for favorites, really I just love every one of them!

Exciting litters for this year-well let's at least hope they are informative! Number one of course is the VPI caramel albino x Sharp albino. This female is just about to shed, and as soon as she does I will be ultrasounding her to see what we can expect. Hopefully good news, because honestly I just want this question answered and over with! So far opinion is running 50/50 regarding the outcome of this cross. Half the people think they will be incompatible and we will see normal "double het" babies; the other half think the babies will have a similar interaction to what is seen with the "Boa Woman Hypo" x Sharp resulting in the "Paradigm" boa, as proven by Mike Weitzman of Basically Boas. I personally have not a clue and can honestly say I don't even have any inclination or feeling of how it will turn out-I just couldn't give a rationale either way!! Hopefully these babies will be good and we theoretically just need for the first one to come out to know the answer! According to my calculations the babies should be born around mid April, so I just have to focus on something else or I'll go crazy!

VPI caramel-albino male breeding Sharp albino femaleVPI caramel-albino male breeding Sharp albino femaleThat first something else is a litter from a ghost female x my favorite widows peak male caramel albino. Depending on if she is just a straight ghost or a super we will get either triple hets and double hets or all triple hets. My main goal for years has been to produce the caramel albino snow-and I have about three years to go. We had one litter born last year and those babies look great.

For caramel albinos we have some of our most beautiful pairings. One thing I am excited about is that all the females that are gravid now are new females. That means that we have new animals coming online, not just the ones we have bred in the past, that means our set-up is working. Now that's cool!