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I received a letter regarding my posts on gravid wc females and unfortunately can't find it now. If anyone out there sent it-please resend it! It asked why I didn't post all of the ads and just singled out a few-I did not intend to do that, I was using examples-I actually don't think anyone who is doing this is helping our hobby at this juncture.

What a better case in point than the blow up this week after we were emailed a hot off the press Federal Register document soliciting information on boas and pythons-and the potential placing of some species on the injurious species list that would prohibit import and interstate transport of said species!

The fact is we have not regulated ourselves because we have been so involved in producing captive animals, honestly we have ignored the continual flood of imports over the past 15 years.

Species by species as we establish viable self sustaining populations we reduce the need to import numbers from the wild. We definately have surpassed any need to import ball pythons unless they are specimens that add to the encyclopedic new morph list. If there was a single species that we do not need to import in any numbers it is ball pythons!

Here is where we see  two very different special interest groups most recently involved in the reptile industry.

Gravid Female Ball Pythons are Here!
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February 09, 2008 at 02:16:04

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Here is your chance to get in on the action. Fresh gravid females have just arrived from Africa and are ready to ship. They should all start dropping eggs within the next couple of weeks.

New shipment arrived last night. Will be shipping Monday and Tuesday.

Immediate payment is needed to hold yours, and shipping will be next week. Just email with the quantity you would like, and your shipping info.

Paypal address is sales@taylorreptiles.com

$200 each. Shipping $35
2 or more shipping is FREE!!

The possibilities are endless with these girls!


GRAVID ball pythons - BIG GIRLS !
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February 12, 2008 at 20:05:57


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We have a wide selection of GRAVID ball pythons that have come in our latest shipment. Some of these girls are MONSTERS. All of them are packed with eggs.

Whether you are looking to gain more experience hatching out eggs, looking for some nice big girls to add to your collection, or hoping to hatch out the next big "NEW MORPH", this is a great opportunity.

For as little as $125. you can purchase one of these gravid girls and guarantee eggs this season. Most of them have ovulated and are close to their post ovulation shed.

You can count on at least 5-6 eggs from the smaller girls we have, and 6-14 eggs from the bigger gilrs. We have palpated and counted some girls that are carrying 13 eggs.

When properly set up, these girls acclimate rather quickly. We have years of experience in getting imported animals to turn around and thrive in captivity. If you have any questions regarding the animals and setting them up in captivity, please do not hessitate to ask. We will share our advice with you and help you each step of the way.

NORMAL GRAVIDS - $125. each

SELECTS/SPECIALS - $150-400. each

Wholesale pricing is available to those who are intereted. We have several package deals we have created. Please feel free to email us with any questions.

Thank you