my favorite responses to florida python article in USA today  Tracy Barker
 The following quotes were taken off the message boards I take no credit whatsoever, but they sure made yesterday a little more enjoyable!
"A new method of the death penalty. Instead of lethal injection.........lethal constriction. It'll save money and we won't have to dispose of the body!!"
"The idiot 'scientists' who have nothing important to do are playing with numbers in a little computer simulation and predicting what will happen 92 years from now."

"These are just college lifers who don't have real lives but want their 15 seconds of fame. Any idiot can extrapolate numbers out 100, 1000, 10,000 years and just create more nonsense to talk about."

"Any mathematical model is only as accurate as its assumptions and these assumptions of what will change between now and 2100 are far beyond the realm of reasonable prediction. It is complete stupid to even talk about it."

"The people who are making these predictions are stupid. The reporter who wrote this article is even more stupid, and the people reading it who believe it represents anything close to 'future reality' is the most stupid of all. I just thought you all would like to know."

 "Snakes. Next they'll be finding them on a plane."
"Cool! I might have to find one for myself. I have a ball python now, who not get another python."

"This is a pretty stupid alarmist story."

"Our USF&W are uneducated on the topic of non-native reptiles and some of this is backed up from zoologists and zoological institutions that want to keep exotics out of the hands of "common" people. The worst part about this is, most of the responsible keepers know more than the zoos do about some of these potentially threatened and protected species. Without private keepers, we would not have many of these animals we have in some zoos."

"When will our government wise up? We elect these men and women to "represent" us citizens. Instead they make more and more useless laws that keep us from our freedoms and "persuit of happiness". This newspaper is not helping the situation. These animals actually do play an important roll not only in education, but in freedom. This all boils down to control by fear. As long as our government can strike more fear about something that will never happen, they will get support from the uneducated masses. This is a 911 tactic at its best."

"The ignorant person does not know any better. The stupid person just does not care. Be informed not stupid."

"I am releasing seven baby tigers around the Houston area sometime next week. I guess that with the current global warming trend, the U.S. will have more tigers than Asia and Africa combined."

"Wow. USA Today has hit an all time low. I thought I was reading The Star, or National Enquirer. What a dumb story. Just another example of the Media trying to insight panic over Global Warming. What's next; giant spiders? C'mon Mr. Editor; keep the garbage out of the paper. I guess it's a slow news day
I wonder how much taxpayer money funded these researchers?
And I quote "an area that expands when scientists use global warming models for 2100"

"Lets try an experiment. Why don't we back the computer model up to 1965 & see what we get as an out put for todays weather. Bet it's not even close."

"What a scam..... Watch your wallets, the carbon offset tax man commeth."

"They couldn't figure out how to get the rest of your money & they think this has a shot!"

 "Isn't Obama debating this one soon?"
"Snakes........why did it have to be snakes"
"Come on is this really that big of news, there SNAKES. There not that dangerous but I know that when that  idiot gets too drunk passes out in the woods and gets killed by one it will become a national crisis. I think there is more pressing matters on hand. Lets start with curing AIDS and work our way down to the snakes."
" This has been the most fun post i've seen in awhile. Thank you all!
And THANKS USAToday, for printing such a stupid article. Good to know that any news story is news to you."
"I have enough to worry about right now without worrying about Pythons taking over the US, thank you."
"Don't worry Yanks. Bush will protect you... by invading Burma."
"Soooo, if I'm reading this right, they are pretty much contained to Florida until global warming allows them to move north, right? They used predicted climate in 92 years given global warming models? I haven't seen any model even close to right in predicting weather trends more than a few days - now we jump to 92 years. That's good science right there. And we're basing that on 100 years worth of surface temperature, most of which was written down with a pencil looking at a thermometer - no varience there. Stats are great aren't they? They'll provide what ever prediction you want."
"Wow...I feel robbed for having wasted 5 minutes to read this article."
"No...Congress would rather fix baseball."

"And I thought I only needed to worry about terrorists, skyrocketing fuel prices, and stagflation! Now I can't even go hiking without worrying about pythons!"
"Global warming. I was OK with rising oceans, extinction of species, crop destruction and starvation, disease, and the possible annihilation of the human race."

"The government has to act immediately to save us from this crisis! God help us

ya know, somehow this article's revelation is going to be the 'new' reason for oil prices to jump. pythons disrupt oil refinery, causing blast. Firemen fend for their lives. The price for a bbl of oil jumps $3.00
did I hear somebody say Al Gore wrote this article?"

"Now in Theaters "Snakes on a Political Platform"