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I beg your forgiveness for not putting our new "available 2008" list, as we are working diligently on a response to the "python and boa" "call for information" by the USFWS.

The now published "invasion" maps on the front page of USA today needs to have a response and we are working on it instead of finishing our list. We decided to not attend the NARBC show in Arlington, so we could devote the time to this important issue.

In the mean time I will just post a list of our fab available animals for 2008. If there is anything you are interested in just shoot me an email or call me: 830-537-5000!

2008 Fabulous boas!

VPI caramel albinos and 100% hets!

VPI triple het : Hypo 100% het caramel albino and 100% het anery! Make caramel sunglow, caramel snow, caramel moonglow, caramel, anery, ghost!

VPI double het: 100% het caramel albino and 100% het anery! Make caramel snow, caramel, anery!

Pink Panther caramel albinos! Limited number!

SHARP albinos and 100% hets from fabulous parents!


Super Motley!

2008 fabulous Ball pythons!


2008 fabulous Blood pythons!

Red albino bloods-awesome babies!

Stripeline Bloods!

Tiger Bloods!


Black Sumatran Caramel albinos and 100% hets!


More later!