Wow what a week!!! Actually, what a last two weeks! So many things, I'm just going to go through them one by one.

First, it is election day here in Texas. I'm voting in the democratic primary for Hillary Clinton, because, I believe she is the most qualified candidate. I was very happy to hear Senator Diane Feinstein agree with me, that we feel extreme disappointment that qualifications seem to have been thrown out of the equation. I'm not saying that Barack Obama would not be the best president ever, BUT I am very disappointed that Hillary's qualifications have been negated and some very high profile women just tossed her under the bus. Number one disappointment for me: Oprah Winfrey. A woman who has been 100% supported by women. So I am on the record for women everywhere that I see this as a missed opportunity of a lifetime. How can you not support the most qualified individual, who happens to be a woman?

On to the bright spot for me for the past week: Larry Suttles & BT of Blogtalkradio.com

I had a ton of fun doing the show, and the guys were really great! I'm not sure how they coordinated it all, talking between themselves, managing the call ins, and talking to me at the same time, but they did an awesome job!

I'm hoping I can return and really get to get in to much more detail outlining husbandry and breeding information. So thank you Larry and BT for being so generous to invite me on the show!

Dave is going to be on this Saturday night!

UPCOMING SHOW: 3/8/2008 11:00 PM (347) 215-8611

Believe it or not, there is snake news and I am on baby boa watch!! I have three females due in the next week to 10 days! I am so excited!

I'm off to do a little snake work then vote, I'll be back with some pics this afternoon.