Crazy busy!! That is great and I am looking forward to breaking warm weather and spring! We are just around the corner for hummingbirds (black chins), we feed hundreds of them from now until October. We put out 10 feeders and like clockwork they show up starting March 10th or so every year. We have been feeding lots of gorgeous cardinals this year (my day has to start with sitting and watch birds eat seed outside our kitchen windows. When that gets going there are often big flocks of wild turkeys that show up. It is awesome seeing up to 30 wild turkeys right out your kitchen window! That with roaming axis deer, sometimes make me feel that I'm in a Disney movie). We also have some huge wild hogs roaming the property, which I see sometimes crossing our driveway when I go to the snakehouse at night.


We are having the snakehouse really spiffed up-we just put a gorgeous metal roof on it-a lifetime roof because I want to protect the building to the max. This week we have painters redoing all of the trim around the windows and doors etc.


One of the painters has some circulation problems in his hands caused by Raynaud disease-here is a definition from Wikipedia:


"When exposed to cold temperatures, the blood supply to the fingertips, toes, nose, and earlobes of Raynaud's disease patients is reduced and the skin turns pale or white (called pallor) and becomes cold and numb."

Here is a pic of what it looks like:

Hands with Raynaud's disease

Hands with Raynaud's disease

So I thought it would be great to give this guy some of our heat packs-40 hour ones that I get from Superior Enterprise! Let me tell you he was just ecstatic! Now I'm going to put my order in for a case and give him some 10 packs so he won't have such severe symptons if he has to paint outside!
See how the world of snakes connects to all things and does good things?!
Well, that's what we are fighting for, to continue to do all those good things!
Now onto snakes! One of my favorite projects: Sharp albinos. I have very strict rules with this project: Colombian boas only are used. The reason being is that these Sharps are a fantastic example of the Colombian boa. Strong pattern, good sized snake, great breeders. I know everyone wants to use this great color to improve the other populations of boas (Central American imperator)(South American constrictor constrictor), but I'm doing my best to have all this color on a great size snake! I'm a little concerned that the mini snakes will abound everywhere and these grand snakes will fall by the wayside. So look here if you want the normal sized version. Tracy
Sharp albino male 2007: Love the thick bands on this guy-thats what I look for in a great Sharp strain boa.Sharp albino male 2007: Love the thick bands on this guy-thats what I look for in a great Sharp strain boa.