Super Motley update photo taken 03/09/08: WOW!!! I love these super motleys!!Super Motley update photo taken 03/09/08: WOW!!! I love these super motleys!!Wow, can anything stop this freight train!! Thanks Larry and BT!!! Regrouped and Dave started a marathon talk trying to get the word out that everyone and anyone needs to start composing letters on behalf of our important mission to continue to maintain the world's boas and pythons in captive populations!

Is there anything more important? Well, you and I know that there are many things that are of major importance in the world today and frankly we would like to be able to focus on these issues while at the same time we do our important snake work. But, we have to stop and deal with this situation NOW!!!

Let me take this time to shout out a big thank you to Ryan Klosterman. I'll let his recent email to me describe why we should all be thanking him:

"Hello- This is Ryan Klosterman- Im just checking in to see how things are going with you guys the albino boa and the het- Things are going alright here- we are currently running convoy security missions here in baghdad- its starting to get warmer here now- its getting into the 80s during the days now

sometimes- not looking foward to the summer here thats for sure- it sure is alot different than last time I was here in 03 and 04, but thats

understandable- well I have to take off I just wanted to check in and see how things were going and to thank you for your help and support- Ill talk with you guys later- Ryan"

Ryan emailed me a few months ago before he got shipped out to Iraq. He had a pair of boas that he was really excited about-a het albino and an albino stripeline pair of babies. Before he knew it he was called to Iraq, and just didn't want to have to get rid of his snakes! He shot me an email and asked could Dave and I help. Trust me I said that is the least we could do considering what he was doing for us going to Iraq! He shipped them to us, and shipped out the same day!

I worry about him and love getting the email update so I can know he is ok.

So, here is just another reason why we need to get this snake situation taken care of. There are I am sure a lot of servicemen and servicewomen who have snakes-and frankly it might be a great thing for guys and women who come back from overseas to do. So you can bet that if someone is willing to go to Iraq for us, we are going to fight for his/her right to keep snakes! So the USFWS can look forward to getting letters from a bunch of serviceman and women, and that campaign will be initiated by me.

Ok, lets get a bit of news regarding a snake that is an amazing animal. Talk about lucky-last year I had a litter as mentioned previously in my diary, that contained 8 super motleys!! I lost one right off the bat (was a small baby) but the other 7 are amazing! Guy Scavone asked me to post an updated pic of one of the babies, because he thought some people were not sure that the super motleys didn't have a problem, because there have not been many photos of them.

These babies are awesome feeders and feeding on adult mice. I can't wait until they start on small rats and get some real size to them.

Super Motley update photo taken 03/09/08: WOW!!! I love these super motleys!!Super Motley update photo taken 03/09/08: WOW!!! I love these super motleys!!