Well, the days keep flying by and it seems that there are so many things going on in the world it is hard to keep track of it all. I need to start another blog with my daily musings that are not snake related. I'm not sure how to reconcile that at this point, but I might just slip things in here and there! But today I will stick with snakes, as once again I am on boa watch!

The first boas we had born are all shed and ready to be fed their first meals. They look amazing! I am thrilled with the orange tail hypos from the triple het litter! Now we are waiting for two small litters from Sharp double het (albino/anerythristic), one female has been bred to a male double-het, the other to a nice male albino. I am hoping that I see some anerys and of course a few snows would be nice! Both females are small and I really don't know what to expect from them. One thing I have noticed is that all of the Sharp strain animals are voracious feeders even when they are gravid. These girls still want to eat, even in their last weeks of being gravid. I'm not giving in no matter what to their rushing to the top of the cage for food, because I don't want any early babies.

Well, I had a pretty bad April's fool joke played on me when I went into the incubator this Tuesday morning and saw the thermostat at 102F! I temped the eggs at 97F and promptly reset everything as I left the door open to cool things down. Now normally I would have been a little upset considering I already have a bunch of eggs in there (Burgandy albino babies due to hatch in two weeks), but prior experience has resulted in nothing really terrible happening except eggs which are very early in development are most likely to be negatively affected by heat spikes. I don't think the heat had been on like that for too long-meaning hours, but enough to get the eggs heated from 89F to 97F!! My most recent clutch was 72 hours old (bumblebee het axanthic x pastel axanthic), so we will see if they go bad in the next few weeks, or hatch out with any problems. I would say I have definately either been doing this a long time or am on serious sensory overload, because I was amazingly calm about the whole episode! Dave quickly replaced our thermostat-heck it had been set for 10 years and hadn't missed a beat-in fact I'm not sure that a little piece of dust didn't get in there, because when we reset it waiting for Dave to change it out, it seemed to be working perfectly again!!

Fortunately this clutch of axanthic x sugar ball eggs wasn't laid until yesterday 4/02, so it escaped any heat crisis!! This female VPI axanthic laid a bunch of eggs, too many for her to cover-10! Not bad for her first clutch!! Somehow she missed the whole nest area and just moved everything around!I think this combination could be great! I'm going to try it with one of the VPI black axanthic females next year.

VPI axanthic on eggs: VPI axanthic x sugar ball clutch 040208VPI axanthic on eggs: VPI axanthic x sugar ball clutch 040208