Well I always feel like I'm the luckiest girl in the world, but this morning when I found one of our double het (albino/anery) sharp's had her first litter, I saw the first slugs of the year. I have been batting 1.000 for perfect litters, really just one perfect litter after another and to see our first slugs (7) from this pairing was a bit of a disappointment. Four years of raising trying to get the elusive Sharp snow boa, a 1 in 16 odds snake.  I only know of two that have been produced last year by Kevin Blumenthal a male/female pair and a snowglow (hypo snow) produced by Ron Michelotti. I remember hearing about them last year and seeing their photos and I wanted one of these badly! After the slugs caught my eye and I registered that flash of disappointment, I realized that four years to raise something is a long time, and 1/16 is crazy odds! The thought of another year just sucked the wind out of me for that one instant and then I noticed there were a few babies! Six to be exact!

My luck was back!!!

Six babies:  1 albino, 3 normals, and 2 snows!!

WOW is all I can say!! They were worth waiting for!!

Here they are and they are a male/female pair!!!

Sharp snow boa number one: worth waiting for sharp snow boaSharp snow boa number one: worth waiting for sharp snow boa

sharp snow boa number two: am I dreaming!sharp snow boa number two: am I dreaming!