Well, finally things are settling down a bit, even though I am once again on Boa watch for two neat litters! Hopefully they will be born in the next few days!

The snow boas look great and are going opaque so I will put up new pics when they shed.

I thought I'd put up one photo of a baby from our best pink panther litter ever, just to show how through breeding these animals have far surpassed my expectations. In fact, I love all of the caramel albinos, pink panther or not. They just are flat out beautiful snakes. What I like is that at this point once these snakes get out there I know that people will do their own magic with them and make animals I want!

Pink Panther VPI Caramel Albino: Double Dose!Pink Panther VPI Caramel Albino: Double Dose!









We are at day 54 on the Burgandy albino ball python eggs, so just around the corner...