Well, at least one female cooperated on the boa watch and last night I found a great litter from one of our Pink Panther VPI Caramel albino female x super ghost male. She had 19 perfect babies, 1 slug, and 2 doa babies. I'm not sure how that happened, but I did notice that they had no membranes around them at all, so I suspect they broke out of their sacs inside the mom, which apparently is not a good idea! Mom looks great and she is my number one priority.

There are some really nice babies and I think for sure there are our first "quadruple" hets, being pink panther, orange tail, 100% het caramel albino, 100% anery. Now a pair of these babies can make a lot of cool animals!! Too many to list, but we can see in 3-4 years!!

These were really important in anticipation of the next litter caramel albino x Sharp albino due the first week of June. Now all of these things are pieces of the puzzle and as I get closer to that litter's due date I think I want to take a poll of what people think the result will be. So far my unofficial poll through conversations with a few boa breeders is running 50/50, that this pairing will make double het "normals" or "something new!" 

Litter of quadruple and triple hets 041308Litter of quadruple and triple hets 041308









Here is a close-up of one of the babies-looks like one of Jeff Ronne's snakes snuck in there-is this a quadruple het? We need these babies to shed and go from there!


Quadruple het? Pink Panther, Orangetail hypo, het VPI caramel albino het aneryQuadruple het? Pink Panther, Orangetail hypo, het VPI caramel albino het anery