These babies turned out nicely and finally we got this project going. The prospect of baby Burgundy albinos in the future just got a little more real. This was literally the only snake that I almost gave up on. I admit to coming very close to giving up on her! Now of course she is doing great and totally rebounded from laying her clutch and is feeding great, and I already have plans for next year! The good news is that age of a female ball python really doesn't play a factor in terms of her being a very viable breeder for the future. The best breeding years for female ball pythons are probably from 5-20. I have a female I got as an adult in 1988, that produced a lot of babies until about three years ago. I stopped breeding her, but she is looking so great now, that I am going to breed her this year again!

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spot nose 100% het Burgundy albinospot nose 100% het Burgundy albino