04/30/08 Part 2

OK! This is it-the last day to submit comments for the NOI. I really hope all of you have submitted your comments, it is absolutely critical to contribute to this effort. Please refer to the Blog entry of 04/27/08 for all the information you need. Here is is:


Dave and I have posted our letters under the VPI Publications section on the lower right hand side of our website.

Where do we go from here?

Well, we need to see what the response is from USFWS and go from there. I am very hopeful of a good result, at least in the big scheme of things it makes sense to us to address the problems of the Everglades by addressing the problems of the Everglades without taking down a viable industry in the U.S. and destroying 30 years of work building captive populations of boas and pythons.

Dave and I want to thank all of you for your letters to the USFWS in this NOI. We are excited at the thought that although this has been a difficult situation, it has brought us together as a community that appreciates the ability to work with these animals, and can work together to build this growing industry.

We will keep you posted on the formation of USARK, a national organization that will be devoted to working on promoting our industry and working on legislative issues on a state level.


Tracy and Dave/VPI