Looking to the future, I am back in the snake house just taking care of the collection and getting ready for next week's hatchings! Hopefully we will see super spot-nose, pastel axanthics, pastel white side!

The first blood python eggs are good and I am looking forward to the next clutch, which is het albino stripe to het albino stripe. I am going to photo some of the animals from this line today and put those up soon, they really are fantestic!

On some totally unrelated news: we need rain!! It is very dry here! For some reason we are just feet away from where the rain is! Excepting the flood of 2002 when it rained 22" in one day!!

This week I spent a good bit of time setting up baby boas. They are all feeding now and look really good. The next litters are the nerve wracking ones. The Sharp x caramel albino is due in 30 days, and though she definately has good babies in there, she is either hiding them well or is not having many! I just need a few to make it! The litter after that, the female albino motley looks the exact opposite. She is so big it is starting to scare me and she isn't due for another 55-60 days!