VPI Black Axanthic photo 052108: One of my most favorite VPI projects!VPI Black Axanthic photo 052108: One of my most favorite VPI projects!This is crunch time, and I'm trying to get babies started, eggs hatched, eggs put in the incubator, and a few last snakes bred.

Changes are in the wind here at VPI and I am definately announcing a MAJOR new focus in our overall goals and plans!

We have always tried to be a well rounded entity in terms of covering different facets of herpetoculture. This includes having the

collection and working on projects that not only produce animals, but provide information on those animals. Of course this year we entered a whole new arena, working on legislative issues.

We are once again embarking on new writing projects, and of course one of those will be the third book in our "Pythons of the World" series.

We will be placing a major emphasis on the Blood pythons and Short-tail pythons over the next two years, and kicking that off with the Symposium on those snakes at the Daytona Expo in August.

Our boa projects have far surpassed our expectations. I am thrilled that our original goals of trying to get a grasp of boa reproduction have at least started to find trends and insights that we did not have when we started. Though we have been previously known for our python projects, our goal was/is to contribute to the body of knowledge of both pythons and boas. On that front, I am setting a goal for myself to put out at least one small book on the raising and breeding of Colombian boas. It may take a while, but at least if I say it or write it, it puts the project on the table.

VPI Pink Panther Caramel Albino 012808: "Double Dose" from VPI PPCA x PPCAVPI Pink Panther Caramel Albino 012808: "Double Dose" from VPI PPCA x PPCA











Ball pythons have been fun this year and we have made and are making some fun combinations. We anticipate a fantastic year in ball pythons this year, and have started it off well with lavender albinos, sugar balls 100% het for VPI axanthic, VPI Black axanthics, spot-nose het Burgandy albino and spot-nose het yellow head t- albino. Look here for a fabulous array of ball pythons from VPI this year!! The production of Ball pythons in the US has exploded and there appears to be no stopping it. The captive population at this point is coming close to being able to supply the demand for hobbyists and collectors without any animals from the wild.

The ball python market, herp market, is very complicated. I am reserving judgment, but at this point I am leaning toward the thought that we have or will now move back to hobbyist status, excepting a few major producers.

Though VPI is considered to be a "Big" breeder by many, in fact,  our goal is NOT to be "Big" in numbers. Our goal is providing great animals, unusual animals, and of course our number one priority: great information.

spot-nose ball python baby hatched 051508spot-nose ball python baby hatched 051508