calico/whiteside/sugar they are all good!calico/whiteside/sugar they are all good!

Time is just flying by, but lots of great things are going on!

These snakes go by several different names, but whatever you call them they are really interesting and have one of my favorite qualities-variability! No two of these snakes are alike, and the combinations with them are just starting. Is there a super? We don't know, but I think we will know the answer to that question by summer's end.

All our babies are starting to feed and that is great-some like the spot-nose het Burgundy albinos have fed a bunch of times and are looking great! The baby Black axanthics have also shed and fed, and we are sold out for 2008! 

Today I think I finally may have hit on the VPI pastel axanthics-and I'm so excited that I'm sticking my neck out by talking about it before they are even out of the eggs! That is not like me at all! Hopefully I won't regret it-and they all turn out to be reg pastels-but I think I see silver in there! The problem is a lot of babies while hatching look black and white-and when the air hits them it seems they turn yellow! I remember quite a few times that in the eggs I thought I had axanthics, but within a day or so I revised my "axanthic" ratio, downward! So far I have gotten crushed on the odds and not produced the VPI axanthic pastel. This cross was a 100% het VPI axanthic x pastel 100% het VPI axanthic. So 1/2 x 1/4=1/8, not a huge chance-I have 7 eggs! In fact at this point I'm not sure if anyone has produced it!

The Blood pythons are really starting to get fun and we have gotten and are getting some great eggs. I'm starting to get a little excited!

I'm on baby boa watch now-my biggest litter of the year, and just can barely stand going in and checking if it has landed! Any time in the next 10 days I think, so I try and keep myself as distracted as possible. I don't want time to go by-but I want time to go by!