Wow, this week flew by!! I can't believe we are already into July tomorrow!

The baby ball pythons are feeding really well, which is awesome! All of the Burgundy albino hets have had multiple meals, and every baby Black Axanthic and sugar/whiteside/calico het axanthic fed their first time out!

The first baby boas are already on subadult mice! Some of the caramel albinos are unreal, and the newborn motleys and super motleys are opaque-can't wait until they shed!

Boa baby season is not quite over and an ultrasound of a female double het Sharp snow female shows we have a litter of babies that look very promising. Wish it could tell if there are more snows in there! The first pair of snows are feeding like gangbusters and I will photo them after their next shed. I am so happy with that pair of babies!

I spent this week moving the 2007 babies into CB-70's as all are feeding on small rats now. The caramel albinos from last year are starting to get their color and some of the widow's peak babies are really stunning. One of our goals is to get more photos up on the website, and now that they are moved up into bigger boxes that should be easier.

I am now setting up for breeding 2009 and getting ideas of what pairs I would like to put together. The focus will be more on quality/new pairings, than quantity. I want to be focusing on maintaining all of the babies from this year and 2006 and 2007 animals that I have been raising.

The Blood python eggs have started to hatch, and we have albino babies, and hopefully those stripes will be out of the eggs in the next few days. I have been looking in there and they look pretty striped, but want them all out so I can see them! They are taking their sweet time about it, but I'm not forcing them out of the egg, I want them to be perfect!

We got a nice clutch from a yellow female Blood with a pitch black head, bred to a really awesome melanistic male. I got this male as a hatchling-and if you like dark snakes he is cool. For a Red Blood python he is essentially devoid of red. Whatever the babies look like-their heads should be almost solid black as adults.

The highlight of the week was having our het caramel albino Black Short-tail python ovulate! She is bred to the only known wc male albino, and I have tried to breed him for 5 years! I'm so excited I can't stand it! I hope this clutch is a good one, because it would be awesome to get a different bloodline in the project.

The babies from last year from our male het x our wc albino (the only other one ever found) are just amazing!

The caramel albino wc pair are just being bred to the snakes that are from the same population. The first photo is of our original male orange head Sumatran that we got as a baby. We bred him to our wc albino female to get this project going. The second photo is a year old caramel albino and the third photo is of two hatchlings right out of the egg.

orange head black Python curtus Sumatran short-tail pythonorange head black Python curtus Sumatran short-tail python

 VPI Caramel albino Black Sumatran short-tail pythonVPI Caramel albino Black Sumatran short-tail python

Baby VPI caramel albino and normal orange headed Black Sumatran Short tail python Python curtusBaby VPI caramel albino and normal orange headed Black Sumatran Short tail python Python curtus