Wow! Talk about a time warp-three weeks raced by! But the good news is that we are back and you can look forward to some interesting entries! We are just where we want to be going into breeding year 2008-2009, and our babies from this year are outstanding! We have had a great year, full of great results from our breeding projects with the ball pythons, boas, blood pythons, and short-tail pythons!

First let's wrap up our Daytona 2008 experience! It was great! We really had a lot of fun, and we think the symposium on Blood pythons went well. There were talks by Dave on reproduction, I did a morph slideshow. Kamuran Tepedelen did a great expose on the skin trade and how the baby Blood pythons were saved from being a lost by product, to accomplish egg hatching and baby production. Kara Glasgow and Ryan Norris rounded things off by giving a fine talk on husbandry and caging tips for keeping Blood pythons. After the talks there was a panel with all of us and Keith McPeek, and we took questions from the audience.

Dave and a visiting friend from Europe, Nico Hussard, set up our tables on Friday morning. They just got into Daytona before the tropical storm Fay hit! Nico has a cage manufacturing company in France and is also an avid collector and breeder of Blood pythons. During the week prior to the expo he visited and helped me get ready for the expo and talk a lot about Blood pythons! Dave and Nico were the first to set out for Daytona, I stayed home to take our boys to school on Friday morning and then took a flight to get in at 5:30 pm right before the talks began! Dave and Nico reported the waves outside the hotel were close to 20' high and there was a lot of rain. I wasn't sure if I wanted to fly into all of that, but luckily just landed as the storm was passing through.

We didn't know how many people would come to the talks (seeing as the world devotion to Ball pythons is seemingly unending (!) but we were thrilled when we saw that the room was filled!

Even though the morphs of ball pythons seem unending, the fact is that at this stage of the blood python work-there might even be more found in these snakes! I showed just a few, and I think people were a bit surprised at what is out there!!