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Well, yesterday we prepared for any residual effect from Hurricane Ike. Looks like we will dodge it, but wanted to be prepared just in case. We went all around the property securing anything that looked like it could fly. We have a creek leading to our house which you have to cross to get here, and if it floods we get caught in here-our record has been six days.

We would need a good 8 inches of rain before that happens because it has been so dry! As of 6:00 am it looks like we are going to get totally bipassed by this one, which is a great thing!

I talked with Tracy Thompson who lives in Houston and he was on his way out of there. Of course the ETHS show that was supposed to go on this week-end was cancelled! Last hurricane (Rita) Tracy came with his family and stayed for 5 days. This time he went to a place that was closer to avoid the nightmare traffic that descended on San Antonio. This city has been a great refuge for all hurricane victims from Katrina, Rita, and now Ike.

It looks like the results of this storm will be horrible for the entire Texas and Louisiana coast. I don't ever remember such dire warnings prior to any storm and first light will reveal the massive damages.

This morning I will be getting back in gear after being away in Maryland last week. I went to help my mom move and it was a great trip. She is almost 80 which is hard to believe-but then again I just turned 50! Lots of unpacking boxes, the result of which she is all settled in and I am thrilled that she is in a great place among all sorts of friends in her new neighborhood.

Two trips this month, Florida Expo and Maryland Move, has resulted in a pause in my goal to get all kinds of great snakes we have available on line! Look for all of those great animals to be up on the site by the end of this week at the latest!

I am thrilled with our 2008 year. It surpassed my expectations and I am looking at some awesome animals!

We have two more clutches hatching in the next month, the first by next week-end a clutch of 100% het re albino and albino Blood pythons, and my eagerly awaited clutch of caramel albino Black Sumatran Short-tails!

On the boa front I am already into 2009 and our first litters should drop in January! I will be doing some ultrasounding today and hopefully confirm that these females are set with good babies!

This year will be the year of the Blood pythons/Short-tails, and Dave will be working like mad on our new book which we anticipate will be out by this time 2009.