Apologies, apologies! Wow talk about a crazy month! Kids back to school, visitors from the Netherlands, preparing for breeding season 2009, etc etc!

The good news is we are really making some progress on a variety of projects and will also soon be having some really nice animals available!

If you can just hang on, you will see that we have not been sitting!

We have decided to not attend the Chicago show this weekend and continue working toward being at the Arlington, TX show in February.

We will be having some great animals available and are just plain excited about the quality and uniqueness of some of our projects.

This week was a great one with a highly anticipated clutch hatching from our Caramel Albino Black Sumatran Short tail python project. These babies are from our wc male caramel albino x with a female het descended from our wc female albino! And the babies are awesome and huge! This is without a doubt one of our favorite projects. The snakes are just sweet hearts and they are one of the rarest mutations out of the wild. To our knowledge our two now adult albinos are the only ones ever found. We have our captive babies up and going and hope to have our babies from our ch caramel albinos in 2010-2011.

Hatching Caramel albino and 100% het caramel albino Black Sumatran short tail pythonsHatching Caramel albino and 100% het caramel albino Black Sumatran short tail pythons