I have decided to write two separate entries now for my Blog. A new "TRACY'S MARKET REPORT,"  will be updated as well as our usual "VPI DIARY " that will continue to update our breeding projects etc.

The new market report is my effort to provide important economic information to our readers in an effort to keep us all aware of how the overall economy affects our hobby and business.

In general our busines tends to have an inverse relationship with the stock market, which is a good thing in these times! Since we are looking toward a continuing decline in the world markets due to a myriad of events, I'm hoping that this trend of the animal business doing well will continue.

Though a frequent complaint of prices going down is heard, a larger volume of animals is being sold. The deflation of prices is the result of a lot of dynamics-none of which include less interest in animals!

Well, I was not pleased when I opened up my business section of our newspaper today! The headline read that the major credit card companies are systematically reigning in and 1) reducing their lines of available credit, 2) increasing interest rates, and 3) upping their minimum payment percentage to 5%.

If you recall, last year they upped their minimum payment from 1% to 2%.

These three moves are in direct conflict with the overall goal that all of the politicians have outlined in their campaigns "to help Mainstreet."

To be continued..