What a year! 2008 has been a landmark year on so many levels. The presidential election, the economy, the war in Iraq, and of course our own little world of herpetoculture. It seems that the emotions of everyone on the planet have been on high alert no matter the cause.

In my view the biggest thing that has come out of this year, is the increasing realization that tolerance and understanding of the right for differing opinions, is paramount to any resolutions of conflict.

Opinion is not law, though it dominates the media and continues to try and influence and make law. Our most salient example of this point in our business is that some people like reptiles and some people don't. Some people believe in keeping animals and some people don't believe in keeping animals. Unfortunately we are increasingly faced with people who don't like animals trying to influence law by their opinion and the fact is they are becoming more successful at changing or initiating new legislation year by year.

Dave and I spent quite a bit of time addressing this issue through our writing and realize that these efforts will continue to take up more and more of our time. At one point this year I commented to Dave that maybe the whole reason we have worked with snakes for 30 years was to end up making sure that legislation didn't affect people keeping snakes for the future. Interesting.

I really do love Thanksgiving, it is a great time of year here in Texas. The colors are beautiful, the kids are very happy being off from school for this week, the animals are on their way to their next breeding season, and I get to truly thank everyone and anyone who has helped us at VPI and in our personal lives.  So thank you and may everyone have an awesome new year in 2009!  

We have a lot of awesome projects on deck here at VPI, and I am so excited about them! Of course we are working on our next books! Snake wise, well, just too many to write about, but this year look for great Ball pythons, Blood Pythons, and Boa constrictors! We are looking to be the highest quality , best information, and great service out there, so I know we will be working very hard for you this year!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!



 Here are a few pics of things I am thankful for!

Of course Dave, and our boys-they are my life!!

The great outdoors of Texas, our dog Nikki, and peppers!!

Texas PeppersTexas Peppers

Devil's River TexasDevil's River Texas

Our dog NikkiOur dog Nikki