Where did 5 days go?!

Lots going on, first and foremost we are anticipating eggs this weekend . That means the incubator is at its steady temp at 89F.  That is in sharp contrast to the 31F temp outside and our first surprise "snow" of the year, which coincided with my birthday today! It is crazy to look outside and see white over our deck, the boys trampoline and the place where they skateboard and "ripstick" is also covered with snow.

Of course snow albeit 1/8th inch, resulted it all kinds of possibilities of school skipping! Suggestions such as hosing down the car door locks so they couldn't get in the car to go to school were offered! "Mom!" "There could be treacherous ice in the driveway!" Alas, the final week before exams must be attended, so no dice! Dave and I of course chimed in, "the reason you have to go to school, is WE had to go to school!" That's why we became parents, so we could tell you that!!