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Happy holidays to everyone! It is a beautiful day today, almost 70F after some very cold weather that had us seeing 28F! Now I realize that sounds like nothing compared to the weather I have been watching on the news-snow every where! But for Texas it has been cold!

I hope that everyone is having a nice day!

 This morning of course was great fun with our boys! It is just mind boggling to me to see how much they have grown and I am just way too proud a mom, but I can't help myself!

My Christmas present is being worked on as I write, a now restless female pink panther caramel albino making tracks through her aspen, with a hopefully all things good delivery in the next week! I can be patient! Her babies from last year are so astounding that I'm still not getting over them!

New things at VPI are coming for 2009!

First of all we are really happy to have a new person helping us, Dave Eldien! He and his wife BJ, who is a career military contract specialist, working at a major base here in San Antonio, have moved here from Wisconsin. Dave has a ton of animal experience and he is coordinating all of the  Ball python projects! We have a lot of great things going on and already have eggs in the incubator! I'll have Dave write in here in the coming weeks about his background, and we will be posting pics of Ball python projects etc etc. I can say that his organizational skills have already helped enormously!

You can meet Dave and BJ at the shows we are planning to attend in 2009, in Austin, TX in January;  Arlington, TX in February, the Expo in Daytona, FL in August, and if they are still standing, Anaheim, CA and Chicago, IL at the end of the year!