Yes, Santa and extra devine inspiration delivered a beautiful Christmas night!

We had a great quiet Christmas day as the boys played ping pong outside and the weather was a beautiful 70F. I really felt so lucky because I know people had crazy weather all over the nation with a ton of snow and very cold temperatures.

I got up early in the morning to check on all of the snakes and make sure all was well. I peeked in on the expectant female boa, and she was making her rounds investigating her cage. Up until this day she had been resting quietly and comfortably, but at day 131 post ovulation was matching my record length of delivery date. All the signs were looking good in that she was calm, cool, and collected during her gestation, looked big in all of the right spots, and despite a really bad week of frigid weather for here (28F nights), generally relaxed in a pretty open coil position. Her water bowls were filled with aspen as she moved around, so I removed them and set them back in again with clean water.

We had a great day and at 7 pm I checked her again, and found her moving around and investigating all corners of her cage. I was pretty sure that Christmas night, day 131 was going to be the delivery date.

Believe it or not, I have no interest in watching any female boas give birth! Though I marvel at photos that people have taken as their female's give birth, I am way too nervous to attempt to get in there and photograph at that time. I don't want anything to go wrong or interrupt the female in any way, so I'm happy to just come in after the whole thing is done and photograph mom and babies. I tend to be quite supersticious and have been so lucky that I don't want to mess with the fabulousness of it all! I like to be surprised in the morning when I lift the paper. I love to see the babies just miraculously be there!

I turned all the lights off, knowing I had a big day ahead of me.

The morning after Christmas night, I got my camera, quietly hoped to find the long wait over and lift the paper...

Mom Pink Panther Caramel Albino with newborn litter night of 12/25/08 or early am 12/26/08Mom Pink Panther Caramel Albino with newborn litter night of 12/25/08 or early am 12/26/08











Wow!! You could not get tired of this sight!! A perfect litter, not a single slug, perfect babies, perfect mom!

I'll put more pics up today, and get specific data of the breeding and important gestation dates.  I am so excited about this litter as it is from our best Pink Panther male caramel albino x a female, which is also a pink panther caramel albino. Both animals were born here in 2002. The thing I can do this year is show what this pair produced last time out and we can see how these babies change in a year!

I took a few photos, and then went to get a rat to feed the mom, who had been without food for about a month or so! As she ate her rat, I was able to photo the babies and then remove them from her cage.

I'll be back with more photos and info!