This week we are once again reinitiating our focus on Blood pythons and the Borneo and Sumatran Short Tail pythons. We getting ready to launch what we hope will be the starting motions toward our third book in the Pythons of the World series, covering Indonesia and Southeast Asia. As a preliminary note we will be publishing a neat small book on Blood Pythons, which we hope will out this time next year or at least before Daytona Expo 2010!

We have some amazing projects among the three species, and have made some major progress with some and just starting others.

Here is a photo of two snakes breeding that I am trying desparately to get offspring from-our t- albino red-eyed red Blood python male and our peach red Blood python female:

Red Eyed t- albino Red Blood python x Peach Red Blood python female 12/27/08Red Eyed t- albino Red Blood python x Peach Red Blood python female 12/27/08












We are working on several t- albino red Blood projects, but this particular male is the only one with blow out red eyes.

I have several pairs of the t- 100% het babies from our orange and white male breeding and I'm dreaming of getting some t- babies from them. The orange animals look dramatically different than the red ones,so hopefully I will get some clutches from these F1 animals this year, and I can see our first orange t- albino babies! These projects take a long time when you start from a single imported animal. First you have to acclimate the animal which takes about a year, then make the first hets, and raise them to breeding size. I am about 4 years into this project and this is my first attempt to breed the hets. The good news is that the hets are breeding, and if not this year then for sure next year they will be ready to start producing. They are not huge because I raise my snakes slowly, but could lay 6-8 eggs. With a 1/4 chance of getting an albino, I'll have to be lucky to a) get some good clutches b) hit on the 1/4 albino!

The second I see some good eggs I will be a wreck, but at least I'll know I only will have 60 more days to know whether this year will be the year! Getting the captive hatched babies on the ground is huge! The transition of breeding captive bred animals vs the original wild caught animals is paramount for me to get the project officially started and into other breeders hands.