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This month has been a blur, but a good one because we have been busy getting eggs and watching great breeding activity among some of our favorite pairs of Ball and Blood pythons! The baby boas are getting gorgeous, some of our best ever! Today Dave Eldien, BJ Eldien, and I are off to the Arlington, TX show, while Dave has egg duty and will be putting away clutches in the incubator! We are anxious to catch up with some other herpers at the show and look forward to meeting everyone who comes to our table, so if you are going please come and find us at our tables!

When we get back from the show we should hVPI Black Axanthic Ball PythonVPI Black Axanthic Ball Pythonopefully have a good stretch of time where I can write and update what has been going on! The good news is that almost all of our breeding is done! We have a ton to look forward to, I can't wait to see this years babies!

Some of the clutches we can't wait to hatch are from our Black Axanthics! These snakes really surpassed our expectations and are just plain awesome!


I'll be posting pics of the show when we return and will be displaying some great pics of what's been going on over this past month. I can't believe we are already past a month into 2009!

VPI Black Axanthic Ball PythonVPI Black Axanthic Ball Python