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We are really getting lots of great ovulations-my happy day because no matter what happens after seeing a female ovulate I can't do anything about it! No more second guessing it is out of my hands! Once I see a female ovulate I feel so much more relaxed in terms of knowing whether all things I set up were right or not, I accept the consequences and know the results approximately 50 days later. 21 days from ovulation to shed, and 30 days until laying, that average 50 day waiting period goes by quickly as I am attending to females I can do something about! We are going to have some great babies this year!!

The female below was paired up with a perfectly matched male and should produce some awesome red blood babies!

Red Blood python female ovulation 02/10/09Red Blood python female ovulation 02/10/09










I love this pic of the male looking over the female as she ovulates!

Ultrabreit Borneo Short tail python ovulationUltrabreit Borneo Short tail python ovulation










 Here is a new looking Red Blood python I have been raising and am really excited about! I hope this pair produces babies, because I love this male!! New awesome male Red Blood python breeding!New awesome male Red Blood python breeding!









We were waiting on 6 female Ball pythons to lay eggs while we were away at Arlington, and they all waited for Dave Eldien to return from the show! Monday morning the first female laid, and by yesterday 5 of the six had!

Here is Dave putting some of the eggs away in the incubator, he is in charge of the Ball python clutches and I'll be doing the Blood pythons and Short-tails.  

Dave Eldien puts eggs away 02/10/09Dave Eldien puts eggs away 02/10/09