Well we are starting 2009 with our first clutches hatching, which is really fun! Here is a pic of new babies just sticking their heads out of their eggs!

Black Pastels hatching 02/15/09Black Pastels hatching 02/15/09










Our first babies were from our patternless male and every baby has strange markings on their heads! Will get some close-ups as soon as they shed.

The Blood pythons are coming along and I am so excited about some of the clutches! Today I wanted to be sure one of my favorite female Ivories was being bred-or I was going to switch out the male that was with her, because I have not seen him do anything. I lifted up the paper and....

Ivory Blood Pythons breeding 02/16/09Ivory Blood Pythons breeding 02/16/09










So.....I guess he is staying in there!! I love this female she is very tame! Last week I took her to the Arlington show for display, and this week she is breeding, so apparently that moving around did some good!