OK! Craziest last three weeks ever! But all good and lots to talk about!!

1) USARK: This is finally OUR OWN ORGANIZATION!! One for breeders of reptiles in captivity!! We are thrilled to have an organization that represents what WE do-1) breed reptiles in captivity and  2) maintain species of reptiles in self sustaining populations in captivity for future generations! If you haven't realized that's what you are doing, let me be the first to congratulate you for playing such an important role in species preservation. Even if you are holding just a single snake, lizard, turtle etc, you are helping maintain a species for the future generations. So pat yourself on the back and JOIN USARK!!!


2) Watch and share this video with everyone you know!! This is the first in a series to get the truth out about pythons and the "danger they present" that is being totally misrepresented in the media:


3) We need to come together to secure the future of our hobby and business.

4) We have to realize that as much as we love these animals and believe what we are doing is important, there are those out there that for reasons that a) involve money and self interest, and b) involve having us take the blame for problems in local environments (i.e. the Florida Everglades Burmese Python problem), want to install legislation that will effectively end our hobby and business.

5) We have to realize that there are a lot of people in organizations with the belief that individuals should not own or have animals. These people want to effectively end our hobby/business and believe their opinion's trump ours. This path that they are on is prejudicial and not supported by data or law. There are sadly many people who are swept away and are losing their credibility by following or belonging to these organizations and they don't necessarily understand what they are promoting.

6) I am fully confident that ultimately we will prevail.  It is not in future generation's interests to regulate species into extinction. This is what the various entities involved in this anti animal movement agenda would do.

7) The legislators only know what people tell them, so it is up to us to present our platform and our side. This is what we individually and USARK as our representative must do.

8) Our lives are continually an adventure and this is not the time to be fearful of opposition or to back down from our challenges. I think we should all be inspired about the challenges we face and know that what we are promoting is a good thing 1) science 2) education 3) species preservation 4) a life that includes not just people but the other inhabitants of our planet, it's wildlife.

9) This is the biggest no brainer, obvious right thing to do.

10) Thank you all for devoting your time, energy, hearts to working with reptiles and amphibians.