The calls I'm making again today-honestly they can look forward to learning more about what news hit radio stations and t.v. 45,000 letters now-100,000 plus for the next campaign. We have a huge potential network to get it done and more!

Welcome to the Reptile Lobby- As it turns out we all may be quite the politicians. Just remember we have a nice head start for election season 2010. Who knows what seats will be open-we might be pretty interested in candidate's positions in regards to animals, specifically reptiles and amphibians! We are now a machine! The funny thing is we had the capacity all along-heck we all love to organize things-our snakes, cages, etc. We are naturals at this!!

Here is an additional list of supporters of 669, of course we will be looking into their campaigns in 2010. This is an anti animal coalition and people need to know if people representing their party and or state are pro banning exotics. Any additional names we find added to this list will be posted as soon as we become aware of them. I will not only keep a running list of anti animal legislators on this Blog, I will post a list of pro animal legislators on this Blog. As soon as the individuals officially go on record their names will appear on the respective lists.

Rep. Grace Napolitano [D-CA]
Rep. Neil Abercrombie [D-HI]
Rep. James McGovern [D-MA]
Rep. Lynn Woolsey [D-CA]
Rep. Raul Grijalva [D-AZ]
Rep. Barbara Lee [D-CA]
Rep. Barney Frank [D-MA]
Rep. Steve Kagen [D-WI]
Rep. Maurice Hinchey [D-NY]
Rep. Sam Farr [D-CA]
Rep. Alcee Hastings [D-FL]
Rep. Steve Cohen [D-TN]
Rep. Rush Holt [D-NJ] 
Rep. Ron Klein [D-FL]
Rep. Peter DeFazio [D-OR]
Rep. George Miller [D-CA