We expect standard operating procedure (SOP) to take place on the hill today. That means the committee members that introduced and supported this bill will continue on with their agenda and pass this bill right through committee. That should in no way disuade anyone and in no way implies that this is over. It is far from over, and what gets played out today becomes a matter of public record. That is what we go with when we ramp up our base and approach the media. Remember that this essentially is day one and we have come a long way!

In the continued push to line up our people, make our views known, and get the forces rallied when it really counts, we have hit the ground running and our capacity we now know is HUGE!

It will be fascinating to watch this unfold, and I am very confident when this is all said and done that we will prevail! Remember this is DAY 1!!!!!

 Here is a letter from Andrew Wyatt, head of USARK summarizing the AMAZING effort all of YOU have done!!

"This morning at 10AM the House Natural Resources Committee, Subcommittee on Insular Affairs, Oceans & Wildlife will hold a hearing on HR 669 Nonnative Wildlife Invasion Act. Although its primary sponsor is Delegate Madeleine Bordallo of Guam, it is a bill written by powerful special interests in order to destroy our industry along with others.

The Reptile Nation has pulled together like never before under the leadership of USARK and has engineered a grass roots campaign of epic proportions. Together we delivered 49,229 letters opposing HR 669 to the Subcommittee. That is a colossal achievement. Together we followed that up with thousands of phone calls that literally jammed up Congressional staff. It is an unprecedented effort that will not go unrewarded. The Reptile Nation cannot be ignored.

It is my belief that this bill will be passed by the Subcommittee and forwarded on to the full House Natural Resources Committee. Do not despair. We have not lost this fight. All of your hard work will pay off. We will beat this bill in the full committee. Do not quit now so very close to Victory. We must refocus our efforts, but if you follow my lead we will prevail. You have proven your mettle as true Warriors, and a hard fought Victory is all the more sweet to savor. Stand by for directions on the next step of our grass roots attack on HR 669!

You can be proud of what you have accomplished. There will be no compromise, no back room deals to give away the farm. The underlying intent of this bill is not the stated intent. It is fundamentally flawed and cannot be fixed. We have fought hard, and will continue to fight for TOTAL VICTORY! Mark my words... this bill will die in committee! It won't be a definitive end, but it won't make it out of committee... as long as we continue to fight hard. Be prepared to make grass roots part of your bottom line and we will be a powerful force to reckon with on any and all issues we engage."

Thank you for your Dedicated Efforts,

Andrew Wyatt