Borneo Super Stripe female on eggs 05/21/09Borneo Super Stripe female on eggs 05/21/09

Incubator-I'm getting pretty excited to see our 2009 babies!Incubator-I'm getting pretty excited to see our 2009 babies!

This is our third clutch of Super Stripe Borneo eggs and all three females are different-we should have a fantastic range of babies!  This animal is a lot lighter than the other two females and has a more intricate pattern. The variation in these snakes is so great that I never know what I'm going to get! We have everything going well so far in the incubator (knock on wood) and finally I feel more comfortable hatching eggs in our new containers with our new system. I am so paranoid of changing anything I really took a leap to go from Vermiculite to Perlite and our paint containers to the smaller Rubbermaid containers. It has been a learning experience, and I'm hopefully getting quick lessons of what I can and cannot do. It is all about dynamics and trying to apply them to the current system. I just don't love learning with t- and Ivory eggs!

I just got used to the new system to find out this week that Rubbermaid is discontinuing the containers we are using! That definately made me cringe-I like those containers! Fortunately I had ordered a good number of them, but not enough. I like the way you could see through the tops and how they sealed, which was very softly when you put the top on. Now I have to look for something new!!

This seems to be a trend-like something and then "they" don't make it any more! Dave and I have a standing joke at the grocery store-whenever we like a product they discontinue it! Our favorite hot sauce got discontinued and we floundered for 6 months until we found another one we liked!


Dave Eldien checking Ball pythons hatching in incubation container 05/01/09Dave Eldien checking Ball pythons hatching in incubation container 05/01/09