Lots of things going on with the end of the school year etc! Hard to believe we have a son starting high school next year and another starting the 7th grade! Both are growing and now I once again am the shortest member in our family! Well I am happy to take on that role! Tom and Guy grew a ton this year and when I look at them I can't believe it! They are both playing Lacrosse and I am just crazy about the thought of watching them play games next year! As some of you know I am a real sports nut and fan, so I will be in the stands cheering their teams on!

Ball pythons, Blood pythons, and Boas are doing their thing here and we have some great babies out and more great babies on the way! I am probably more excited than ever to see what we get this year! At the same time I am already setting up animals for 2010, and we have some great breeding projects on deck.

I really need to focus on what I am doing and make sure we get the babies out and set-up, the mom's taken care of after laying, and the males back on feed to prepare them for next year.

This year was my declared "year of the Blood python" and so far so good! If I can get some first generation babies on the ground for some of our new projects I will be thrilled.

The Boas are in their "off" year as I am letting the females rest. We are working on getting everyone set-up for 2010, and I am really ecstatic about that!

Not to say I am not expecting boas-I am, and some very important litters! Number one is our third unrelated line of Caramel Albinos. We aquired a baby imported boa almost six years ago, and I have been raising her slowly. I tried to breed her last year and no luck. This year looks to be the charm! She has been bred by our male Motley, so I hope to produce Motley het Caramel Albinos to breed to our original line female Caramel Albinos! I am on pins and needles waiting for this litter.

In addition we have already had an amazing litter of Pink Panther Caramel Albinos and are expecting one litter of Sharp Albinos and hets, and some of my super "Pink" normal babies.

Here is a pic of one of my favorite pairs of Pink Panther Caramel albino adults taken this week. They show amazing banding, which I love as it makes very high contrast babies!











The female of the pair was my pick female of 2004. I love her bands and was hoping she could pass them on! It turns out she can and her babies are amazing!










This male is my pick male for 2004 and he is small but an amazing breeder!! Some of his sons are coming up on size and it will be really fun to take some photos of them together!