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"Peach" Blood Python male 12/10/08"Peach" Blood Python male 12/10/08


This is a neat look in a red Blood python-neat yellows and decidedly unusual, one of my favorites!
Over the past 5 years I received in two groups, (1.2) and (0.0.7) some Blood pythons that were yellow, and obviously not what looks like the traditional Blood python we know regarding color and pattern. They had some pink highlights among the yellow color and one animal turned a really pretty red color-but she was the exception, the rest are essentially the same yellow color tone and have a "look." I never really thought "morph"-I thought more "locality" explained the differences of these small group of snakes from "normals." As is usual, I am a bit slow when getting animals together and quite a few years elapsed before raising them to breeding size-at least 4 years. Finally I got the red one which was a female and one I was really fond of up to size and put her with my favorite red eyed t- albino. What a beautiful pair! Unfortunately of all the great clutches I have gotten this year-this was the one bad one-except for two eggs!! I didn't give them much hope-usually with so few eggs-they too will turn out bad-but the hung on! Much to my surprise both eggs hatched to reveal a normal red Blood Python and a baby I identify as a baby "Peach" Blood python. Though the sample size is small (2!), I'm willing to go out on a limb a call this a dominant trait. I couldn't be more surprised! Now what I really look forward to is seeing if they actually are a codominant and make a super!
"Peach" Blood Python female 12/10/08"Peach" Blood Python female 12/10/08
"Peach" Red Blood Python hatched 06/15/09 with normal Red Blood Python"Peach" Red Blood Python hatched 06/15/09 with normal Red Blood Python
"Peach" Red Blood Python hatched 06/15/09"Peach" Red Blood Python hatched 06/15/09