Striped Red Blood 66% HET TNEG Python Python brongersmaiStriped Red Blood 66% HET TNEG Python Python brongersmaiPLEASE JOIN USARK (and I don't recall that I have ever asked anyone in the reptile community to do anything, other than make sure all the women in their lives get a mammogram). The organization has come a long way and and the individuals behind it have spent 24/7 working on your behalf.

When called on, help state by state to inform the committee members and other legislators that WE are the voting public and we will vote on a single issue.

Be positive not negative. Help whenever you can. Contribute and be a member at any level you can afford.

No one has asked me to write this-

I just want to have everyone move forward, be positive, and do what we need to do to preserve the right to keep reptiles for all of us and for future generations.


Ivory Blood python baby 07/08/09Ivory Blood python baby 07/08/09