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Lots of chatter re super motley boas. Have been so busy that I have not had time to respond, but would like to take this time to follow-up. As I have written in the past I would absolutely report my experiences with the "super motley" combination. I will be posting information about these snakes as soon as I get a work up done on the animals I have produced. I produced 7 super motleys in 2007. I am going to have this work-up (x-rays) etc. done professionally and will make the report accessible to everyone. I did not sell any of these snakes because of the rumors surrounding them. All 7 are alive, but none are "sellable" in any way, shape, or form.

The motley is an awesome animal. It makes awesome combinations.
Motley males and females are fabulous animals and are great breeders and producers. Motley combinations have bred and also have produced great litters and combinations. It is possible that this single combination of breeding motley to motley will not yield the viable "super" animals that we are hoping for, but all other animals in a litter from this combination are perfect in every way. That one point at this juncture in no way diminishes my desire to work with the motley mutation. That in my mind would be throwing out the baby with the bathwater.  Will "outbreeding" change this result? My gut feeling says no, but I'm one who would look at all evidence presented. Certainly this would be something to hope for.

As soon as I have this information available I will share it with anyone who would like to see it.