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Time is flying by, lots to catch up on! Daytona has come and gone and it was great! I got to meet a lot of nice people and of course show some of our snakes, which was a lot of fun.

Dave held down the fort at home, and I ventured off on my own to Florida, but was helped by many! My friend Nellie Z. came to help with our table, and she was in charge of the Ball Python book sales and did a great job. Chris and Alliey McAra came from Phoenix, and without them I would not have had such a great show. They were fabulous setting up everything and know the business very well, so they hit the ground running.

Chris and Alliey McAra and Nellie Z at VPI table Daytona Expo 2009!Chris and Alliey McAra and Nellie Z at VPI table Daytona Expo 2009!

The time went by so fast it was like a blur! We managed to get everything done and have fun too! My highlight was getting to walk on the beach in the early a.m., which I never have been able to do before, and we also ate some great Sushi! The logistics were better at the new room. I loved that it was so huge so it was not crowded, and I had Chad Brown of ProExotics and his new shipping company right down my aisle! Talk about easy, Chad came over, got me all set-up on his service and it was like a miracle; all of our equipment was on its way back home! I'm very excited about the prospect of shipping our snakes via his business starting next week.

Of course a major focus was USARK, and we were happy to have their table right next to ours. Next time out I will spend some time behind it and hopefully convince as many people as possible to join. The good news is that people are starting to understand the important work they are doing on our behalf, and people are signing up at these shows. I can't thank them enough for the work they have done and the work they are doing daily. More later, have to go to work!