Unrelated Motley 100% Het Caramel Albino litter born 08/15/09Unrelated Motley 100% Het Caramel Albino litter born 08/15/09

 Talk about patience!! I have waited two stretches of 5 years to raise two individual Caramel Albinos from babies that were imported. The first animal I got was a male, and at 5 years of age I bred him to a poss het VPI line Caramel Albino, and was rewarded with babies that proved he was compatible with our line and the poss het female was a het! That pairing is the basis of our "unrelated" (1/2) animals from our original line bred animals. I was ecstatic because several Boa mutations are descended from a single animal, such as the Sharp Albino, Motley, and Kahl Albino (though there were two sibling males that bred). My second raising project involved a baby female Boa that was also an import. After 5 years of raising her, and an unsuccessful first try last year, this year did the trick! I bred her to a Motley male, and she produced 11 big babies; 2.2 Motleys and 5.2 normals. Though this does not prove she is compatible with the other two lineages, I feel good enough about her that I decided to make the Motley cross and gamble when breeding the Motley hets that they would produce unrelated Caramel Albino Motleys. Of course I will let you know in 3-4 years if I was right! I will take a pic of mom as soon as she has her post birth shed. She is a gorgeous animal, and now a good mom!