2009 might go down as one of the most interesting years ever and it has another 36 days to get a whole lot more interesting. I wake up every day and say this is day one and try not to forget all of the amazing things that have happened along the way.

First and formost of course is my fabulous family, Dave, the love of my life and my two boys Tom and Guy! Wow have they grown up!! I have two teenagers and they are just too funny, smart, nice, and of course I always say they are my life!!

We could write a book about the past year-and trust me we will-all the legal wrangling that has gone on with snake legislation just blows my mind. The fact is I take amazing pride that this hobby has gotten so big that we are coming on our 4th congressional hearing on pet boas and pythons!

You just have to feel some sort of accomplishment being a part of a hobby that in 20 years went from about 100 people to being broadcast on major news networks, magazines, newspapers; and argued about in the midst of two wars, a raging economic crisis, massive unemployment, and global warming!

Right now I am going to do what I have done every Thanksgiving for the past 20 years:

1) Take care of my snakes and check in on them all and thank them for being the amazing creatures they are!

2) Eat a Thanksgiving lunch with family and friends and thank them for being the amazing people they are!

3) Thank everyone of you for dedicating yourselves to this fabulous hobby!

4) Think of all the people who need prayers for safety, health, happiness, and healing.

5) Be thankful for our planet, and do what I can for it's environment and it's animals.

6) Watch the Dallas Cowboys and the University of Texas Longhorns!

7) Go to sleep and wake up tomorrow morning and start all over again!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!



Dave and Tracy fishing 06/09Dave and Tracy fishing 06/09










Quadruple Het! Pink Panther Hypo Het Anery Het Caramel AlbinoQuadruple Het! Pink Panther Hypo Het Anery Het Caramel Albino